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  • Phonesoap Airsoap


    Air purifier with electrostatic technology and Electric Wind

    The Phonesoap Airsoap is the latest in air purification technology. The electrostatic filter technology kills 99,99 airborne viruses, capturing particles as small as 14 nm (COV-2=120 nm).The electrostatic filter can be easily cleaned under the tap. Order your Airsoap now.

    • Kills & captures even the smallest viruses that HEPA can’t
    • Electrostatic filter; no more costly replacement filters. Ever
    • Washable collecting plates save money and the planet!
    • Whisper-quiet and ultra-low energy consumption
    • Electric Wind Technology™ kills 99,99 of airborne viruses capturing particles as small as 14nm(Coronaviruses (CoV-2-120nm), Influenza (Influenza A 80120nm)
    • Automatic mode with air quality sensor

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